What You Can Expect to Learn in a Hip-Hop Dance Class

Hip hop dance lessons are a great way for people who want to exercise and stay fit. Once you are able to master the basics, you’ll be able to move on to more intricate steps.

Beginners lessons

Grooves are supposed to be basic moves which form the foundation. Once you master the steps, you should be able to combine them in order to create your own unique routine. When facing a mirror, watch your teacher perform moves. After that, practice them. Look at yourself in the mirror and see how good you are at matching the movements and rhythm.

Routines & choreography

Once you learn some new grooves, you will be ready to progress to more choreographed routines. The teacher will begin with routines which have easier steps that you already know. Watch closely, so you will be able to repeat it while practising.

Pickups & transitions

Learning grooves is what is called pickup in hip-hop. The more you dance and practice, the better you are going to get at the moves.

Students also have to get adept with transitions involving the changing of sets. This involves small movements, often not noticed by somebody new. Once you learn these skills, you will be able to move through routines gracefully and quickly.


You might learn steps with or without music. Learning them without music allows you to learn to dance with counted rhythm instead of music. Without music can be quite an effective way of teaching you the fundamentals of rhythm. It also helps you slow the rhythm down a little when learning new steps.

Once you know the basics of any new routine, your teacher may just let you practice with music. Rhythm tends to increase with music, so expect yourself to start dancing faster when the music is on.

At the end of the day, just remember to have fun above everything else. With continued practice and effort, you’ll soon be an experienced dancer.

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