Salsa New Castle is a site that is all about dance forms and dance routines. Here, on this site, you will not only learn more about Salsa, an amazing dance form that has deep roots and a rich history, but you will also learn about other popular dance forms like classical dance forms of India, Samba, Rock, and more.

Each dance form is unique in its own sense and usually, has an associated history. Getting to know a dance form from the inside out will help you appreciate its culture because every dance form has a distinctive culture. Hip-hop girls are very different from ballerina dancers.

Dance speaks no language and you don’t have to be from a particular part of the world to appreciate a good routine. The purpose of this site is to educate you about new, and then some old dance forms, styles, and the lingo these dancers use in day to day life.

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And last but not the least, do enjoy your stay here. Let yourself lose and allow your soul to escape the boredom of your mundane routine life by engaging in dancing.